4745.01 Standard license renewal procedure definitions.

(A) "Standard renewal procedure," as used in Chapters 905., 907., 909., 911., 913., 915., 918., 921., 923., 927., 942., 943., 953., 1321., 3710., 3713., 3719., 3742., 3748., 3769., 3783., 3921., 3951., 4104., 4105., 4143., 4169., 4561., 4703., 4707., 4709., 4713., 4715., 4717., 4723., 4725., 4727., 4728., 4729., 4731., 4733., 4734., 4735., 4739., 4741., 4747., 4749., 4752., 4753., 4755., 4757., 4758., 4759., 4761., 4766., 4773., and 4775. of the Revised Code, means the license renewal procedures specified in this chapter.

(B) "Licensing agency," as used in this chapter, means any department, division, board, section of a board, or other state governmental unit subject to the standard renewal procedure, as defined in this section, and authorized by the Revised Code to issue a license to engage in a specific profession, occupation, or occupational activity, or to have charge of and operate certain specified equipment, machinery, or premises.

(C) "License," as used in this chapter, means a license, certificate, permit, card, or other authority issued or conferred by a licensing agency by authority of which the licensee has or claims the privilege to engage in the profession, occupation, or occupational activity, or to have control of and operate certain specific equipment, machinery, or premises, over which the licensing agency has jurisdiction.

(D) "Licensee," as used in this chapter, means either the person to whom the license is issued or renewed by a licensing agency, or the person, partnership, or corporation at whose request the license is issued or renewed.

(E) "Renewal" and "renewed," as used in this chapter and in the chapters of the Revised Code specified in division (A) of this section, includes the continuing licensing procedure provided in Chapter 3748. of the Revised Code and rules adopted under it and in sections 1321.05 and 3921.33 of the Revised Code, and as applied to those continuing licenses any reference in this chapter to the date of expiration of any license shall be construed to mean the due date of the annual or other fee for the continuing license.

Effective Date: 12-23-2002; 09-16-2004; 2008 SB237 09-12-2008 .

4745.02 Notice and application for renewal.

On or before the thirtieth day prior to the expiration of any license, each licensing agency shall cause to be mailed a notice and application for renewal to every licensee for whom a license was issued or renewed during the current license year or other specified period and who has been approved for renewal by the specific licensing agency. The licensee shall complete the renewal application and return it to the treasurer of state with a renewal fee in the amount specified on the renewal application. Upon receipt of the correct fee by the treasurer and acceptance of the renewal application by the licensing agency, the applicant shall be entered as currently renewed on the records of the particular licensing agency, and notice of the entry shall be mailed to each licensee as soon as practicable, but not later than thirty days after receipt by the treasurer of the application and renewal fee. A certification by the respective licensing agency, with its seal affixed, of those records shall be prima-facie evidence of renewal in all courts in the trial of any case.

Effective Date: 09-08-1995 .

4745.03 Adjustments in fees.

When a new renewal-expiration date is established by legislative enactment for any license covered by sections 4745.01 to 4745.03, inclusive, of the Revised Code, the licensing agency has discretion in making any adjustments for fees already paid, and covering unexpired, pre-existing renewal periods.

Effective Date: 06-11-1968 .