4747.09 Contents of receipt of sale.

Each licensed hearing aid dealer or fitter shall furnish each person supplied with a hearing aid a receipt showing the licensee's signature, the number of his license certificate, the complete address of his place of business, a complete description of the make and model of hearing aid furnished, the full terms of sale, including the terms of guarantee, if any, and if the hearing aid sold is not new, the receipt shall also be clearly marked "used" or "reconditioned," whichever is applicable. Each receipt shall also bear, in type no smaller than that used in the body of the receipt, the following legend: "the purchaser is advised that any examination, fitting, recommendation, or representation made by a licensed hearing aid dealer or fitter in connection with the sale of this hearing aid is not an examination, diagnosis, or prescription made by a person licensed to practice medicine in this state and therefore must not be regarded as medical opinion or advice." Each licensed hearing aid dealer or fitter shall, when dealing with a child sixteen years of age or less, ascertain whether such child has been examined by an otolaryngologist prior to being fitted for a hearing aid. If the licensee determines that such examination has not taken place, he shall recommend to the person legally responsible for the custody of such child that such examination take place and shall so state on a waiver to be specified by the board.

Effective Date: 11-25-1969 .