4749.05 Notice of change of address - report of presence to local law enforcement.

(A) Each class A, B, or C licensee shall report the location of branch offices to the department of public safety, and to the sheriff of the county and the police chief of any municipal corporation in which the office is located, and shall post a branch office license conspicuously in that office. Application for a branch office license shall be made on a form prescribed by the director of public safety, and a license shall be issued upon receipt of the form and payment of a fee fixed by the director, not exceeding one hundred dollars. If a licensee moves an office, the licensee shall notify, in writing, the department of public safety and any affected sheriff and chief of police within forty-eight hours of the change. This division does not apply to a licensed private investigator who is engaging in the business of private investigation as a registered employee of a licensed private investigator.

(B) Pursuant to Chapter 119. of the Revised Code, the director of public safety shall adopt rules regarding when a class A, B, or C licensee, or any of such a licensee's employees, is required to report the licensee's or employee's presence and length of stay to the sheriff and police chief of any county or municipal corporation in which the licensee or employee operates. The rules shall include reporting requirements for licenses or employees conducting fraud investigations or physical surveillance.

Effective Date: 11-27-1985; 07-01-2004 .