4755.421 Physical therapist assistant application.

(A) Each applicant seeking licensure as a physical therapist assistant shall file with the secretary of the physical therapy section of the Ohio occupational therapy, physical therapy, and athletic trainers board a notarized application that includes the following:

(1) Name;

(2) Current address;

(3) Physical description and photograph;

(4) Proof of completion of a two-year program of education that is accredited by a national physical therapy accreditation agency recognized by the United States department of education.

(B) On making application under division (A) of this section, the applicant shall pay a fee of not more than one hundred twenty-five dollars for the license.


(1) The physical therapy section shall approve an applicant to sit for the examination required under division (A) of section 4755.431 of the Revised Code not later than one hundred twenty days after receiving an application that the section considers complete unless the board has done either of the following:

(a) Requested documents relevant to the section's evaluation of the application;

(b) Notified the applicant in writing of the section's intent to deny a license and the applicant's right to request a hearing in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code to appeal the section's intent to deny a license.

(2) If the section fails to comply with division (C)(1) of this section, the section shall refund half of the application fee to the applicant.

Effective Date: 04-06-2007 .