4755.70 License applicant to comply with RC Chapter 4776.

(A) As used in this section, "license" and "applicant for an initial license" have the same meanings as in section 4776.01 of the Revised Code, except that "license" as used in both of those terms refers to the types of authorizations otherwise issued or conferred under this chapter.

(B) In addition to any other eligibility requirement set forth in this chapter, each applicant for an initial license shall comply with sections 4776.01 to 4776.04 of the Revised Code. The occupational therapy section, the physical therapy section, and the athletic trainers section of the Ohio occupational therapy, physical therapy, and athletic trainers board shall not grant a license to an applicant for an initial license unless the applicant complies with sections 4776.01 to 4776.04 of the Revised Code and the board, in its discretion, decides that the results of the criminal records check do not make the applicant ineligible for a license issued pursuant to section 4755.07, 4755.09, 4755.44, 4755.441, 4755.45, 4755.451, or 4755.62 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 2007 HB104 03-24-2008 .