4757.23 License as a professional counselor.

(A) The counselors professional standards committee of the counselor, social worker, and marriage and family therapist board shall issue a license as a professional counselor to each applicant who submits a properly completed application, pays the fee established under section 4757.31 of the Revised Code, and meets the requirements established under division (B) of this section.

(B) To be eligible for a license as a professional counselor, an individual must meet the following requirements:

(1) The individual must be of good moral character.

(2) The individual must hold from an accredited educational institution a graduate degree in counseling.

(3) The individual must complete a minimum of ninety quarter hours of graduate credit in counselor training acceptable to the committee, which the individual may complete while working toward receiving a graduate degree in counseling or subsequent to receiving the degree.

(4) The individual must pass an examination administered by the board for the purpose of determining ability to practice as a professional counselor.

(C) To be accepted by the committee for purposes of division (B) of this section, counselor training must include at least the following:

(1) Instruction in human growth and development; counseling theory; counseling techniques; group dynamics, processing, and counseling; appraisal of individuals; research and evaluation; professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities; social and cultural foundations; and lifestyle and career development;

(2) Participation in a supervised practicum and internship in counseling.

(D) The committee may issue a provisional license to an applicant who meets all of the requirements to be licensed under this section, pending the receipt of transcripts or action by the committee to issue a license as a professional counselor.

(E) An individual may not sit for the licensing examination unless the individual meets the educational requirements to be licensed under this section. An individual who is denied admission to the licensing examination may appeal the denial in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code.

(F) The board shall adopt any rules necessary for the committee to implement this section, including criteria for the committee to use in determining whether an applicant's training should be accepted. Rules adopted under this division shall be adopted in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 2002 HB374 04-07-2003