4761.031 Using information resulting from investigation.

The Ohio respiratory care board may share any information it receives pursuant to an investigation conducted under division (E) of section 4761.03 of the Revised Code, including patient records and patient record information, with other licensing boards and governmental agencies that are investigating alleged professional misconduct and with law enforcement agencies and other governmental agencies that are investigating or prosecuting alleged criminal offenses. A board or agency that receives the information shall comply with the same requirements regarding confidentiality as those with which the Ohio respiratory care board must comply, notwithstanding any conflicting provision of the Revised Code or procedure of the board or agency that applies when the board or agency is dealing with other information in its possession. The information may be admitted into evidence in a criminal trial in accordance with the Rules of Evidence, but the court shall require that appropriate measures are taken to ensure that confidentiality is maintained with respect to any part of the information that contains names or other identifying information about persons whose confidentiality was protected by the Ohio respiratory care board when the information was in the board's possession. Measures to ensure confidentiality that may be taken by the court include sealing its records or deleting specific information from its records.

Effective Date: 10-27-2000 .