4761.09 Disciplinary actions.

(A) The Ohio respiratory care board may refuse to issue or renew a license or a limited permit, may issue a reprimand, may suspend or permanently revoke a license or limited permit, or may place a license or limited permit holder on probation, on any of the following grounds:

(1) A plea of guilty to, a judicial finding of guilt of, or a judicial finding of eligibility for intervention in lieu of conviction for an offense involving moral turpitude or of a felony, in which case a certified copy of the court record shall be conclusive evidence of the matter;

(2) Violating any provision of this chapter or an order or rule of the board;

(3) Assisting another person in that person's violation of any provision of this chapter or an order or rule of the board;

(4) Obtaining a license or limited permit by means of fraud, false or misleading representation, or concealment of material facts or making any other material misrepresentation to the board;

(5) Being guilty of negligence or gross misconduct in the practice of respiratory care;

(6) Violating the standards of ethical conduct adopted by the board, in the practice of respiratory care;

(7) Engaging in dishonorable, unethical, or unprofessional conduct of a character likely to deceive, defraud, or harm the public;

(8) Using any dangerous drug, as defined in section 4729.01 of the Revised Code, or alcohol to the extent that the use impairs the ability to practice respiratory care at an acceptable level of competency;

(9) Practicing respiratory care while mentally incompetent;

(10) Accepting commissions, rebates, or other forms of remuneration for patient referrals;

(11) Practicing in an area of respiratory care for which the person is clearly untrained or incompetent or practicing in a manner that conflicts with section 4761.17 of the Revised Code;

(12) Employing, directing, or supervising a person who is not authorized to practice respiratory care under this chapter in the performance of respiratory care procedures;

(13) Misrepresenting educational attainments or authorized functions for the purpose of obtaining some benefit related to the practice of respiratory care;

(14) Assisting suicide as defined in section 3795.01 of the Revised Code. Before the board may take any action under this section, other than issuance of a summary suspension order under division (C) of this section, the executive director of the board shall prepare and file written charges with the board. Disciplinary actions taken by the board under this section shall be taken pursuant to an adjudication under Chapter 119. of the Revised Code, except that in lieu of an adjudication, the board may enter into a consent agreement to resolve an allegation of a violation of this chapter or any rule adopted under it. A consent agreement, when ratified by the board, shall constitute the findings and order of the board with respect to the matter addressed in the agreement. If the board refuses to ratify a consent agreement, the admissions and findings contained in the consent agreement shall be of no effect.

(B) If the board orders a license or limited permit holder placed on probation, the order shall be accompanied by a written statement of the conditions under which the person may be restored to practice. The person may reapply to the board for original issuance of a license after one year following the date the license was denied. A person may apply to the board for the reinstatement of a license or limited permit after one year following the date of suspension or refusal to renew. The board may accept or refuse the application for reinstatement and may require that the applicant pass a reexamination as a condition of eligibility for reinstatement.

(C) If the president and secretary of the board determine that there is clear and convincing evidence that a license or limited permit holder has committed an act that is grounds for board action under division (A) of this section and that continued practice by the license or permit holder presents a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public, the president and secretary may recommend that the board suspend the license or limited permit without a prior hearing. The president and secretary shall submit in writing to the board the allegations causing them to recommend the suspension. On review of the allegations, the board, by a vote of not less than seven of its members, may suspend a license or limited permit without a prior hearing. The board may review the allegations and vote on the suspension by a telephone conference call. If the board votes to suspend a license or limited permit under this division, the board shall issue a written order of summary suspension to the license or limited permit holder in accordance with section 119.07 of the Revised Code. If the license or limited permit holder requests a hearing by the board, the board shall conduct the hearing in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code. Notwithstanding section 119.12 of the Revised Code, a court of common pleas shall not grant a suspension of the board's order of summary suspension pending determination of an appeal filed under that section. Any order of summary suspension issued under this division shall remain in effect until a final adjudication order issued by the board pursuant to division (A) of this section becomes effective. The board shall issue its final adjudication order regarding an order of summary suspension issued under this division not later than sixty days after completion of its hearing. Failure to issue the order within sixty days shall result in immediate dissolution of the suspension order, but shall not invalidate any subsequent, final adjudication order.

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History. Effective Date: 03-24-2003; 12-15-2004