4769.06 Powers of department of health.

In investigating possible violations of section 4769.02 of the Revised Code or conducting hearings under section 4769.03 of the Revised Code, the department of health may administer oaths, order the taking of depositions, and issue subpoenas compelling attendance of witnesses or production of documents. The subpoenas shall be served in the same manner as subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum issued for a trial of a civil action in a court of common pleas. The department shall pay each witness who appears before the department in obedience to a subpoena the fees and mileage provided under section 119.094 of the Revised Code . If a person who is served a subpoena fails to attend a hearing or to produce documents, or refuses to be sworn or to answer any question put to the person, the department may apply to the court of common pleas of the county in which the person resides, or the county in which the hearing under division (B) of section 4769.03 of the Revised Code is conducted, for a contempt order, as in the case of a failure of a person who is served a subpoena issued by the court to attend or to produce documents or a refusal of such person to testify.

Effective Date: 01-14-1993; 2008 HB525 07-01-2009 .