4781.10 Programs and requirements for continuing education.

(A) The manufactured homes commission may establish programs and requirements for continuing education for manufactured housing installers. The commission shall not require licensees to complete more than eight credit hours of continuing education during each license period. If the commission establishes a program of continuing education, it shall require that only courses that the commission preapproves be accepted for licensure credit, and unless an extension is granted pursuant to division (D) of this section, that all credit hours be successfully completed prior to the expiration of the installer's license.

(B) To provide the resources to administer continuing education programs, the commission may establish nonrefundable fees, including any of the following:

(1) An application fee not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars charged to the sponsor of each proposed course;

(2) A renewal fee not to exceed seventy-five dollars, charged to the sponsor of each course, for the annual renewal of course approval;

(3) A course fee charged to the sponsor of each course offered, not to exceed five dollars per credit hour, for each person completing an approved course;

(4) A student fee charged to licensees, not to exceed fifty dollars, for each course or activity a student submits to the commission for approval.

(C) The commission may adopt reasonable rules not inconsistent with this chapter to carry out any continuing education program, including rules that govern the following:

(1) The content and subject matter of continuing education courses;

(2) The criteria, standards, and procedures for the approval of courses, course sponsors, and course instructors;

(3) The methods of instruction;

(4) The computation of course credit;

(5) The ability to carry forward course credit from one year to another;

(6) Conditions under which the commission may grant a waiver or variance from continuing education requirements on the basis of hardship or other reasons;

(7) Procedures for compliance with the continuing education requirements and sanctions for noncompliance.

(D) The commission shall not renew the license of any person who fails to satisfy any continuing education requirement that the commission establishes. The commission may, for good cause, grant an extension of time to comply with the continuing education requirements. Any installer who is granted an extension and completes the continuing education requirements within the time the commission establishes is deemed in compliance with the education requirements. The license of any person who is granted an extension shall remain in effect during the period of the extension.

Effective Date: 08-06-2004 .