4907.53 Hearing as to necessity of safety device.

At the time and place named for hearing, unless continued for good cause, the public utilities commission shall try the question of whether a crossing referred to by section 4907.52 of the Revised Code shall be protected by interlocking or other safety devices, and shall give all companies or parties interested an opportunity to be fully heard. After such hearing, the commission shall enter upon a record book or docket kept for that purpose an order granting or denying the petition. If the petition is granted, such order shall prescribe the interlocking or other safety devices for such crossing and all other matters deemed proper for the efficient protection of such crossing, and shall prescribe the proportion of the cost of construction and of the expense of maintaining and operating such device which each company or person concerned shall pay. The order shall also fix the time within which such appliance shall be put in and the time within which such order shall be complied with.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .