4911.15 Counsel may represent residential consumer or municipal corporation.

The consumers' counsel, at the request of one or more residential consumers residing in, or municipal corporations located in, an area served by a public utility or whenever in his opinion the public interest is served, may represent those consumers or corporations whenever an application is made to the public utilities commission by any public utility desiring to establish, modify, amend, change, increase, or reduce any rate, joint rate, toll, fare, classification, charge, or rental. The consumers' counsel may appear before the public utilities commission as a representative of the residential consumers of any public utility when a complaint has been filed with the commission that a rate, joint rate, fare, toll, charge, classification, or rental for commodities or services rendered, charged, demanded, exacted, or proposed to be rendered, charged, demanded, or exacted by the utility is in any respect unjust, unreasonable, unjustly discriminatory, unjustly preferential, or in violation of the law. Nothing in Chapter 4911. of the Revised Code shall be construed to restrict or limit in any manner the right of a municipal corporation to represent the residential consumers of such municipal corporation in all proceedings before the public utilities commission, and in both state and federal courts and administrative agencies on behalf of such residential consumers concerning review of decisions rendered by, or failure to act by, the public utilities commission.

Effective Date: 06-12-1980 .