4928.21 Do not aggregate list - registration - removal of current enrollee.

(A) A customer that desires to remove itself from the pool of customers eligible to participate in governmental aggregation under section 4928.20 of the Revised Code may register with the public utilities commission to appear on the "do not aggregate" list.

(B) The commission, by rule, shall establish a "do not aggregate" list. The commission shall maintain the "do not aggregate" list and make it publicly available on the commission's web site.

(C) If a customer is enrolled in a governmental aggregation program at the time the customer first appears on the "do not aggregate" list, the governmental aggregator shall remove the customer from the program at the next two-year opt out opportunity that is available to the customer under division (D) of section 4928.20 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 07-04-2006 .