4928.2315 Prohibition of state interference.

(A) The state pledges to and agrees with the bondholders, any assignee, and any financing parties under a final financing order that the state will not take or permit any action that impairs the value of phase-in-recovery property under the final financing order or revises the phase-in costs for which recovery is authorized under the final financing order or, except as allowed under section 4928.238 of the Revised Code, reduce, alter, or impair phase-in-recovery charges that are imposed, charged, collected, or remitted for the benefit of the bondholders, any assignee, and any financing parties, until any principal, interest, and redemption premium in respect of phase-in-recovery bonds, all financing costs, and all amounts to be paid to an assignee or financing party under an ancillary agreement are paid or performed in full.

(B) Any person who issues phase-in-recovery bonds is permitted to include the pledge specified in division (A) of this section in the phase-in-recovery bonds, ancillary agreements, and documentation related to the issuance and marketing of the phase-in-recovery bonds.

Added by 129th General AssemblyFile No.61, HB 364, §1, eff. 3/22/2012.