4928.6610 Definitions for sections 4928.6611 to 4928.6615.

As used in sections 4928.6611 to 4928.6615 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Customer" means either of the following:

(1) Effective January 1, 2020, a mercantile customer as defined in section 4928.01 of the Revised Code;

(2) Any customer of an electric distribution utility to which either of the following applies:

(a) The customer receives service above the primary voltage level as determined by the utility's tariff classification.

(b) The customer is a commercial or industrial customer to which both of the following apply:

(i) The customer receives electricity through a meter of an end user or through more than one meter at a single location in a quantity that exceeds forty-five million kilowatt hours of electricity for the preceding calendar year.

(ii) The customer has made a written request for registration as a self-assessing purchaser pursuant to section 5727.81 of the Revised Code.

(B) "Energy intensity" means the amount of energy, from electricity, used or consumed per unit of production.

(C) "Portfolio plan" means either of the following:

(1) The comprehensive energy efficiency and peak-demand reduction program portfolio plan required under rules adopted by the public utilities commission and codified in Chapter 4901:1-39 of the Administrative Code or hereafter recodified or amended;

(2) Any plan implemented pursuant to division (G) of section 4928.66 of the Revised Code.

Amended by 133rd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 6, §1, eff. 10/22/2019.

Added by 130th General Assembly File No. TBD, SB 310, §1, eff. 9/12/2014.