4929.03 Applicability of other public utility commission provisions.

Except as otherwise provided in section 4929.04 of the Revised Code, only the commodity sales services, distribution services, and ancillary services of a natural gas company are subject to the jurisdiction of the public utilities commission. Chapter 4905. with the exception of section 4905.10, Chapter 4909., Chapter 4935. with the exception of sections 4935.01 and 4935.03, and sections 4933.08, 4933.09, 4933.11, 4933.123, 4933.17, 4933.28, and 4933.32 of the Revised Code do not apply to any other service or goods provided by a natural gas company. Nothing in this chapter prevents the commission from exercising its authority under Title XLIX of the Revised Code to protect customers of nonexempt, regulated services or goods from any adverse effects of the provision of unregulated services or goods. Nothing in this chapter affects the authority of the commission to enforce sections 4905.90 to 4905.96 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 09-17-1996; 05-27-2005 .