4933.10 Inspection of gas meters.

If authorized in writing by the president, treasurer, agent, or secretary of a gas company, its officer or servant may enter, at any reasonable time, any premises lighted with gas supplied by such company, to examine or remove the gas meters, and to ascertain the quantity of gas consumed or supplied. If a person prevents or hinders such officer or servant from so entering such premises, or from making such examination or removal, a judge of a county court or judge of a municipal court of the county in which the premises are located may, on complaint by the officer or servant under oath, stating the facts in the case, so far as he has knowledge of them, issue a warrant, directed to any constable of the municipal corporation where such company is located, commanding him to take sufficient aid and go to such premises, accompanied by such officer or servant who shall examine such meters and ascertain the quantity of gas consumed or supplied, and if required, remove any meters belonging to the company.

Effective Date: 02-14-1967 .