4937.02 Utility radiological safety board.

(A) There is hereby created the utility radiological safety board composed of the chairperson of the public utilities commission, the director of environmental protection, the director of health, the director of agriculture, the executive director of the emergency management agency, and the director of commerce, or their designees each of whom shall be an employee of the member agency of the board member for whom the person is a designee. The purpose of the board is to develop a comprehensive policy for the state regarding nuclear power safety. The board's objectives shall be to promote safe, reliable, and economical power; establish a memorandum of understanding with the federal nuclear regulatory commission and the state, including agreements with individual state agencies to interact with the commission and the federal emergency management agency; and recommend policies and practices that promote safety, performance, emergency preparedness, and public health standards that are designed to meet the state's needs.

(B) The governor shall appoint a chairperson of the board from among the members of the board. The board shall elect one of its members as vice-chairperson, who shall possess, during the absence or disability of the board chairperson, all the powers of the board chairperson. All examinations, studies, or other official proceedings of the board shall be conducted by the board or its designees. The board's authority under this chapter shall not be exercised by any officer, employee, or body other than the board itself, except by express action of the board.

(C) The chairperson of the board shall cause to be kept a complete record of all proceedings of the board, and any books, maps, documents, and papers used or produced by the board, and shall perform such other duties as the governor may prescribe.

(D) A majority of the board's members constitutes a quorum for the transaction of any business, performance of any duty, or exercise of any power of the board. No vacancy on the board shall impair the right of the remaining board members to exercise all powers of the board. The act of a majority of the board, when in session as a board, is an act of the board.

(E) Members of the board and their designees shall not receive compensation from the board but shall receive all ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in performance of board business, including actual travel expenses. All such expenses shall be paid by the agency of which the individual board member or designee is an officer or employee.

(F) The attorney general is the board's legal advisor, but shall designate, subject to the board's approval, one or more of the attorney general's assistants to discharge the duties of board attorney.

(G) The board may call to its assistance, temporarily, with the consent of the member agency, any employee of a member agency to conduct studies, examinations, and investigations for the board or prepare any report required or authorized by this chapter. The employee shall receive no compensation, but shall receive all ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in performance of such duties, including actual travel expenses. All such expenses shall be paid by the member agency.

(H) The offices of the board shall be located in the offices of the emergency management agency.

Effective Date: 09-29-1999 .