4937.03 Powers and duties of utility radiological safety board.


(1) The utility radiological safety board may request information from nuclear electric utilities or nuclear electric utility holding companies which it considers necessary to conduct investigations, examinations, and studies it may undertake, but shall not impose any undue burden on the utilities or holding companies in this regard.

(2) The board may, either through its members or by persons authorized by it, examine under oath, at any reasonable time to assist the board in the performance of its duties, any officer, agent, or employee of a nuclear electric utility or nuclear electric utility holding company or any other person regarding a nuclear electric facility or utility or a nuclear electric facility incident, and may compel the attendance of such witness for the purpose of the examination. The board may examine all books, contracts, records, documents, and papers of any person and, by subpoena duces tecum, may compel the production of the books, contracts, records, documents, and papers or of verified copies.

(3) If a person disobeys a subpoena of the board, or if a witness refuses to testify to any matter regarding which he may be lawfully interrogated, the court of common pleas of a county or a judge of the court, on application of a board member, shall compel obedience by attachment proceedings for contempt, as in the case of disobedience of the requirements of a subpoena issued from the court or a refusal to testify in the court.

(B) The board may procure all necessary goods and supplies for the proper administration of the board's affairs. The board shall have a seal bearing the following inscription: "The Utility Radiological Safety Board of Ohio." The seal shall be affixed to authentications of copies of records and to other instruments as the board directs.

(C) The board shall coordinate its activities with those of the power siting board.

(D) The board shall recognize that the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction to regulate the nuclear safety and national security aspects of the construction and operation of nuclear electric facilities, except for certain authority over air emissions. Sections 4937.01 to 4937.05 of the Revised Code do not affect the state's responsibilities for emergency preparedness and offsite safety requirements.

(E) None of the powers or duties of the board under sections 4937.01 to 4937.05 of the Revised Code in any way supersede existing powers or duties of member agencies or county or other local authorities.

Effective Date: 07-01-1989 .