4937.04 Additional powers of utility radiological safety board.

(A) The utility radiological safety board may:

(1) Conduct any investigations, examinations, or studies requested by the governor or which it considers necessary or appropriate to carry out its responsibilities or duties under sections 4937.01 to 4937.05 of the Revised Code.

(2) Formulate a recommendation regarding whether the governor should enter into any agreement with the federal nuclear regulatory commission pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 2021, 96 Stat. 2078 (1983), as such section existed on the date this section was enacted.

(B) The board shall:

(1) Monitor plans and programs among its member agencies providing for the management of nuclear electric facilities, environmental and public health protection, and emergency management to promote nuclear safety and to mitigate the effects of a nuclear electric facility incident in the areas surrounding a nuclear electric facility. The board shall make recommendations to increase cooperation and coordination among the member agencies toward the promotion of nuclear safety and mitigation of the effects of a nuclear electric facility incident.

(2) Review any changes to federal policy or law pertaining to nuclear electric facilities, and may submit comments to and represent the state in proceedings before the federal nuclear regulatory commission or the federal emergency management agency.

(3) Assess the appropriateness of and make recommendations concerning the state's participation with the federal nuclear regulatory commission in a joint inspection program. The assessment and recommendations shall consider input from the state's nuclear electric utilities and nuclear electric utility holding companies.

(4) Provide oversight of all activities relating to nuclear power in the state.

(5) Serve as the clearinghouse for recommendations made by independent organizations or private citizens and review and investigate such recommendations.

(6) Adopt and publish rules to conduct its business and regulate the mode and manner of all investigations, examinations, and studies it undertakes.

(7) Provide an annual report to the governor, the president of the senate, and the speaker of the house of representatives detailing the board's activities in response, planning, and inspections and including a listing of recommendations received and actions taken by the board.

(8) Allow for and consider comments from the state's nuclear electric utilities and nuclear electric utility holding companies before making recommendations that may substantially affect their costs or activities. This shall include comments on draft memoranda of understanding, draft instruments of cooperation, and any other agreements with the federal nuclear regulatory commission.

(C) The board has no independent regulatory authority, but may make recommendations to the governor or member agencies regarding nuclear electric facilities, nuclear electric utilities, and nuclear electric facility incidents.

(D) Nothing in sections 4937.01 to 4937.05 of the Revised Code grants the utility radiological safety board the authority to examine the records or accounts or to compel the attendance of any witness of a holding company or its subsidiaries organized under the laws of another state, rendering no public utility service in this state, and regulated as a public utility by the public utility regulatory agency of another state or primarily by a federal regulatory commission.

(E) No court other than the Ohio supreme court shall interfere with the functions of the board, by writ of mandamus or otherwise.

Effective Date: 07-01-1989 .