4951.34 Construction of elevated and underground railroads and railways.

A city owning or having charge of any public road, street, alley, way, or ground of any kind, or any part thereof, may grant to any railroad company, street railway company, suburban railroad company, or interurban railroad company the right to construct, maintain, and operate by electricity, any elevated railroad along and over such public road, street, alley, way, or ground, except a public landing, or across them subject to existing laws concerning crossings, so far as they are applicable, and to erect and maintain in such road, street, alley, way, or ground the necessary tracks, piers, stays, supports, and stations, and the approaches therefor, which stations shall be on a level with the track, and when necessary to construct tunnels for such railroad, and operate by electricity any underground railroad, along and under such public roads, streets, alleys, ways, or grounds, and to erect and maintain stations, stairways, and approaches and also to construct suitable terminals and way stations.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .