4951.35 Elevated and subway structures must not obstruct travel or impair streets.

Elevated structures and crossings referred to in section 4951.34 of the Revised Code shall be of such height and construction as not to prevent substantially the ordinary use of, and traffic upon, roads, streets, alleys, ways, or grounds, whether by pedestrians, vehicles, streetcars, or otherwise, except temporarily when necessary in the construction of the elevated structures and crossings. Tunnels for elevated railroads, or subways for underground railroads shall be constructed as not to impair the stability of the roads, streets, alleys, or public grounds, or prevent the use of any sewers, street railway tracks and appliances, pipes, wires, and conduits used for any purpose in the streets, alleys, ways, or grounds except temporarily when necessary in the construction of the tunnels or subways, except as provided in sections 4951.35 to 4951.38, inclusive, of the Revised Code. Such elevated structures, crossings, tunnels, and subways shall be constructed in accordance with general plans approved by the director of public service of the city. All such work of construction shall be subject to the supervision and control of the director of public service.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .