4951.38 Right to lease space in tunnel or subway.

The legislative authority of a city may authorize the company operating an elevated or underground railroad to lease space in its tunnel or subway for the purpose of placing pipes, conduits, tubes, and wires for artificial or natural gas, water, sewer, heating, telegraph, telephone, signal service, United States mail, or electricity for light, heat, and power purposes, to any company which has been authorized by the city to engage in, and which company is actually engaged in, the business in connection with which the use of such space is to be made. Such lease shall be made and such space occupied in such manner and on such conditions, as the legislative authority determines and approves. The legislative authority may place or cause to be placed in such tunnel or subway any pipes, lines, and conduits for any of its service, including those named in this section, without charge, except for cost of construction, provided that such placing shall not interfere with the company's use of the subway.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .