4951.45 Electric railways or interurban railroads operating cars along third rail required to maintain fences.

Any company or person having the control or management of an electric or street railway or interurban railroad which operates its cars by electricity conducted through or along a third rail shall construct, or cause to be constructed, and maintain in good repair on each side of its right of way through which such third rail extends, a fence sufficient to turn stock. Such company or person shall cause to be maintained at every point where any public road, street, lane, or highway crosses such railway or railroad, safe and sufficient crossings, and on each side of such crossings cattleguards sufficient to prevent domestic animals from going thereupon. Such company or person is liable for all damages sustained in person or property in any manner by reason of any neglect or carelessness in the construction or maintenance of any such fence, crossing, or cattleguard, whether such damage is sustained from the contact of said domestic animals with said cars or from contact with, or by reason of, electricity passing through or along such third rail. Sections 4951.45 to 4951.47, inclusive, of the Revised Code, do not require the building and maintenance of such fence between the right of way of such electric or street railway or interurban railroad, and the right of way of any railroad or electric railway where said right of ways are parallel and abut upon each other, and such railroad or electric railway maintains a fence on the opposite side of its right of way.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .