4951.56 Screen for protection of motormen and conductors - temperatures.

No officer, agent, or employee in authority of a corporation, individual, or association shall direct or permit to be operated an electric car other than a trail car, whether such electric car is a passenger car, a freight car, a sweeper, or other car, unprovided at the forward end with a screen of glass or other material sufficient to completely protect from dust, wind, and storm the motorman or other person stationed there for guiding or operating such car, or fail to maintain during the entire period succeeding the thirty-first day of October of each year and ending on each succeeding fifteenth day of April, within any electric car so being operated, whether a passenger car, a trail car, or other car except in freight cars and, except in trail cars within the space behind any such screen, a temperature at all times of not less than sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Each day during which at any time such a car is operated while so unprovided or while such temperature is not so maintained is separate offense. The prosecuting attorneys of the various counties of this state shall enforce this section.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .