4953.01 Powers of union terminal companies.

The presidents of two or more railroad companies running railroads to the same municipal corporation or township, by the consent and under the direction of their respective boards of directors, or any number of persons, not less than five, a majority of whom are residents of this state, may file articles of incorporation in the office of the secretary of state for the purposes of purchasing or leasing grounds, and locating, constructing, maintaining, and operating a common or union station house, passenger or freight depot, or other structures and facilities for the interchange, receipt, and delivery of freight transported or to be transported over a route which includes both rail and water, and yard, terminal, and connecting tracks for the use of railroads or both railroads and electric railways. Such company may acquire such grounds, structures, and facilities, and such yard, terminal, and connecting tracks, by lease or otherwise. Such company may also acquire, by lease, purchase, or otherwise, and may construct, maintain, and operate in connection with its terminals or station, a terminal railroad with two or more tracks connecting the railroads of one or more companies. Such company may construct and maintain warehouses, stores, office buildings, hotels, and other structures for the accommodation of the public and may operate or lease said grounds, structures, and facilities, or any part of them.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .