4955.15 Trains may cross without stopping.

If two railroads crossing each other, or in any way connecting at a common grade, by works or fixtures to be erected by them render it safe to pass over those crossings without stopping, and the works and fixtures first are approved by the public utilities commission, and the plan thereof for the crossing, designating the plan of crossing, has been filed with the commission, sections 4955.10 to 4955.15 of the Revised Code do not apply. If the commission disapproves the plan, or fails to approve it within twenty days from its filing, the companies may apply in the county where the crossing is situated to the court of common pleas or a judge of that court in vacation. Upon reasonable notice being given to the commission and upon good cause shown, the court or judge shall appoint a competent disinterested engineer, not a resident of the county through which the railroads pass, to examine the crossing and prescribe the plan of and conditions for it. Not later than twenty days after his appointment, the engineer shall submit the plan and conditions to the applicable court of common pleas, subject to exceptions by any affected party. The court shall examine, approve, and confirm them unless good cause is shown against that approval. The order of confirmation shall be sufficient authority for the erection, use, and occupancy of the crossing.

Effective Date: 07-01-1989 .