4955.201 Abandonment of railroad track.

(A) If the interstate commerce commission approves the abandonment of a railroad track that crosses a road or highway at grade, the railroad that owned the track immediately after the approval of the abandonment shall remove the track at the crossing and fill the space previously occupied by the rails with the same material that comprises the road or highway at the crossing. Upon completion of the work, the surface of the crossing where the rails previously were located shall be the same height as the surface of the road or highway abutting the crossing. The restored portion of the road or highway shall meet the construction standards applicable to the road or highway of which the restored portion is a part.

(B) No railroad shall fail to remove from a crossing the rails that comprise a track whose abandonment has been approved or fail to fill the space previously occupied by the rails as required by division (A) of this section.

Effective Date: 06-30-1993 .