4957.15 Procedure.

Upon the filing of a petition under section 4957.14 of the Revised Code, accompanied by plans, the railroad company or municipal corporation opposed to the prayer of such petition, or directly interested in it, shall have the right, within sixty days thereafter, to file an answer to such petition and to present other plans for the abolition of such crossing. After the expiration of such period of sixty days, the court shall proceed to a hearing upon the petition and any answers that have been filed, which hearing must be advanced upon the docket upon motion of either party. After examination of all plans presented to it and after hearing the evidence, the court shall make a finding as to whether the security and convenience of the public require that alterations be made in the crossing or the approaches to it, or in the location of the railroad or public way, or any grades thereof, so as to avoid a crossing at common grade, or that such crossings, or any of them, be discontinued with or without building a new way in substitution therefor, and whether such plans or any of them are reasonable and practicable.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .