4957.16 Order of the court.

If the court finds that the public security and convenience require the changes to be made, and that the plans presented by the petitioner or any of the parties answering thereto are reasonable and practicable, as provided in section 4957.15 of the Revised Code, it shall order the changes to be made in accordance with the most reasonable and practicable plan presented to the court. The municipal corporation shall be required to make such changes in the streets, roads, or highways as are necessary, and the railroad company to make the changes necessary in the tracks and roadbed, in order to comply with the rulings of the court. If more than one company owns tracks on the crossing in question, the court shall apportion the part of the expenses payable by the companies among such companies. If the court finds that the security and convenience of the public do not require that alterations be made in such crossing, or that none of the plans are reasonable or practicable, the improvement shall not be made upon such plans. Either party feeling aggrieved by the decision and order of the court may appeal as in other civil cases, the hearing of which shall be advanced upon the docket upon motion of either party.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .