4957.30 Petition for grade crossings.

When it is desired by a railroad company constructing a new railroad or in changing or altering the location of one previously constructed, or by any municipal corporation or authority constructing a new highway, that the railroad or highway should be so constructed that they will cross each other at the same grade, or if it is desired to divert, change, or alter an existing public highway, a petition shall be presented by the party desiring such construction or diversion, to the court of common pleas of the county within which the crossing or diversion is situated. If it is the authority constructing a highway asking for the right to cross a railroad, the railroad company shall be the defendant. If it is a railroad company asking for the right to cross a highway, or divert, change, or alter any existing public highway in a municipal corporation, such municipal corporation shall be the defendant. If outside the municipal corporation, and a road or highway other than on the state highway system, the board of township trustees of the township and the board of county commissioners of the county shall be the defendants. If it is a road or highway on the state highway system, the director of transportation shall be the defendant. Summons shall be served and the rule days and the rights of the defendants to plead shall be the same as in civil actions in such court.

Effective Date: 09-28-1973 .