4959.11 Destruction of noxious weeds.

The superintendent or manager of a toll road, railroad, or electric railway shall destroy all brush, briers, burrs, vines, Russian thistle, Canadian thistle, common thistle, wild lettuce, wild mustard, wild parsnip, ragweed, milkweed, ironweed, and all other noxious weeds growing or being cut within the limits of such toll road, railroad, or railway, or within the limits of any right of way belonging to the company owning such toll road, railroad, or railway, whether or not it is in actual operation on such right of way, between such days as are specified in section 5579.04 of the Revised Code. In default of such destruction, and for five days thereafter, the board of township trustees of a township through which such toll road, railroad, or railway passes, shall cause it to be done, and shall have a right of action against such company for the amount of such work, with one hundred per cent penalty and costs of action, to be recovered before any judge of a county court or judge of a municipal court having jurisdiction in the area of the county in which the work was done.

Effective Date: 01-10-1961 .