4961.07 Route may be changed.

When a railroad company, the line of whose railroad has not been finally located in whole or in part, finds it necessary, in order to avoid dangerous or difficult curves, grades, or dangerous or unsubstantial grounds or foundations, or for other reasonable cause, to pass through a county not named in the articles of incorporation, or to avoid passing into or through a county named in them, other than a county in which a terminus of the railroad has been fixed by its articles of incorporation, or in which is located a municipal corporation or place by or through which the line of such railroad is to pass, its president and board of directors, or a majority of such board, under their hands and seals, may make a certificate declaring such necessity and the cause thereof, and name in it the counties through which it is necessary to pass or to avoid, which certificate shall be signed and filed as provided in section 1701.73 of the Revised Code. A copy of the certificate, certified by the secretary of state is evidence of the facts stated in such certificate. This section does not authorize the abandonment of any part of the company's line of railroad which is finally located, or a change of the general route of the line of such railroad or the terminal points named in the articles of incorporation.

Effective Date: 10-11-1955 .