4961.151 Validity of deeds.

When any deed executed prior to October 2, 1953 or recorded after such date purporting to transfer title to real estate has been executed by an officer or officers other than the president of such railroad company, as provided by section 4961.15 of the Revised Code, such deed and the recordation thereof shall be deemed to have been properly executed as of October 2, 1953 and shall be valid in all respects. Any person claiming title adverse thereto, has the right within two years after October 2, 1953, or in the case of deeds recorded for more than twenty years prior to October 2, 1953, then within one year after such date, to institute proceedings to contest the validity of such deeds. Nothing contained in this section shall affect any suit or action pending on October 2, 1953 or which may have been adjudicated prior to such date in any court of this state, in which the validity of the making, execution, or acknowledgement of any such deed has been or may be challenged.

Effective Date: 01-10-1961 .