4961.17 Submission of plans to legislative authority.

Before an appropriation under section 4961.16 of the Revised Code may be made, there shall be submitted to the legislative authority of the municipal corporation general plans of the proposed structure showing the manner, character, and location of all supports, any part of which will be upon public ground, common, landing, or wharf, and also the vertical and longitudinal clearances between the supports. No right to appropriate shall accrue to the railroad company until after it and the legislative authority have agreed upon the manner, terms, and conditions upon which the property may be used or occupied and the plans submitted have been approved by ordinance passed by a two-thirds vote of the legislative authority. Such ordinance shall be read on three separate days. The rules requiring such reading shall not be suspended. Such appropriation shall not be restrictive of the control by the public officers or authorities over such public ground, common, landing, or wharf, subject to the continued maintenance and use of such elevated track upon the conditions agreed upon.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .