4961.33 Dissenting stockholder may sell stock.

A stockholder of any railroad company, part or all of whose railroad is proposed to be leased or purchased or which it is proposed to aid by subscription, who refuses his assent to such sale, lease, or aid by subscription, and signifies it by notice in writing to the purchaser or lessee, or company subscribing such aid, within sixty days thereafter, on demand, shall be entitled to receive from such purchaser or lessee, or company subscribing such aid, previous to the consummation of such sale, lease, or aid, the average market value of his stock for six months next preceding the day of the meeting of the companies at which the sale, lease, or aid is approved, on surrendering the stock. If the stockholder and the purchaser, lessee, or company furnishing such aid cannot agree as to the value of the stock, the parties may submit the question to arbitration, to be conducted in accordance with the laws regulating arbitrations, so far as applicable, by three disinterested persons, to be appointed upon the motion of either of the parties by the judge of the court of common pleas of the county in which the owner of the stock resides, or, in case he is a nonresident of the state, or of any county through or into which the railroad passes, then the county in which the principal office of the company is kept.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .