4963.03 Duty of public utilities commission.

Upon the written complaint of ten or more citizens of this state being filed with the public utilities commission that section 4963.02 of the Revised Code is being violated the commission shall forthwith make investigation thereof. If it is found that such violation exists, it shall issue an order to the person, firm, or corporation guilty of such violation setting forth the nature of the improvement required and directing that it be completed within a time to be specified in such order. Any person, firm, or corporation failing to comply with such order or with this section or section 4963.02 of the Revised Code, upon conviction for such violation before a court of common pleas of the county in which such violation occurs, shall forfeit not less than one hundred dollars. Such forfeiture shall be recovered in a civil action in the name of the state for the benefit of the county in which the violation occurs. Such action shall be brought by the prosecuting attorney of the county, at the instance of the commission, as provided in other cases for the recovery of forfeitures against railroad companies.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .