4963.04 Movable bridge between passenger cars required.

Every railroad company conveying passengers shall provide the passenger cars in its trains with a flexible or movable bridge or apron of the full width of the opening between the railings attached to the platforms of such cars, with sideboards or network of strap iron, large wire, or other suitable material at each side of the bridge or apron of at least equal height with the ordinary railings upon the platforms, or some other apparatus or arrangement equally efficient to enable passengers to pass from car to car with safety. A company which fails to comply with this section shall forfeit one hundred dollars for each day of such failure, to be recovered in a civil action in the name of the state, and paid into the state treasury. The public utilities commission shall enforce this section. This section does not apply in case of a passenger car attached to a freight train.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .