4963.05 Heating for cars.

When necessary to heat its cars for carrying passengers, mail, baggage, or express matter, each railroad company shall do so by electricity, hot water, or steam heat so constructed and protected as will most effectually guard passengers against danger from fire, in accidents by collision, or when cars are overturned or thrown from the track. No such company shall permit any other corporation or person to use cars carrying passengers, mail, baggage, or express matter over its road unless their heating apparatus conforms to the requirements of this section. A railroad company which fails to comply with this section is liable to a forfeiture of not less than one hundred nor more than five hundred dollars, to be recovered in the name of the state, for the benefit of its common schools. Such action shall be prosecuted in any county through which the railroad passes by the prosecuting attorney of such county, at his own instance or the instance of the public utilities commission, as provided by law in other cases for the recovery of penalties and forfeitures against railroad companies, after due notice given by the commission to the president or managing officer of such delinquent company, and the company's further neglect for thirty days to comply with this section.

Effective Date: 10-19-1961 .