4963.15 Recovery of forfeiture.

No common carrier shall use any locomotive engine, run any train, or haul or permit to be hauled or used on its railroad, any tender or car in violation of sections 4963.14 to 4963.16, inclusive, of the Revised Code. Whoever violates this section shall forfeit one hundred dollars for each such violation, to be recovered in a suit brought by the prosecuting attorney in the court of common pleas of the county having jurisdiction in the locality where such violation occurred. Upon duly verified information being given him of such violation, the prosecuting attorney shall bring such suit. The public utilities commission shall give the proper prosecuting attorney information of any such violations as comes to its knowledge. Such sections do not apply to locomotives, tenders, cars, or trains used exclusively in the movement of logs when the height of the drawbars of such locomotives, tenders, and cars does not exceed twenty-five inches, to street cars, or to locomotives, tenders, cars, similar vehicles, or trains while in actual use in interstate commerce.

Effective Date: 12-16-1964 .