4963.21 Construction of caboose cars - exception.

No common carrier operating a railroad, in whole or in part, within this state, or manager or superintendent of such common carrier, shall require or permit the use within this state upon such railroad, of any caboose car or other car used for like purpose which is not at least twenty-four feet in length, exclusive of platforms, and equipped with two four-wheeled trucks, with suitable closets, and with either a cupola or with bay windows, and provided with a door in each end and an outside platform across each end of such car. Each platform shall be not less than twenty-four inches in width and shall be equipped with proper guardrails and with grab-irons and steps for the safety of persons getting on and off said car. Said steps shall be equipped with a suitable rod, board, or other guard at each end and at the back, properly designed to prevent slipping from such step. In case of unusual and unforeseen demands of traffic on the railroad, caboose cars not built in accordance with this section may be used temporarily only where the railroad company desiring to use the same applies to and obtains from the public utilities commission authority to use the same temporarily.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .