4963.22 Automatic or foot-power doors required on locomotive engines.

Every railroad company operating locomotives on its railroads in or through this state shall provide and equip each locomotive engine so operated in this state with an automatic or foot-power door to the firebox of such engine. Such automatic or foot-power doors shall be so constructed and operated by steam, compressed air, electricity, or foot power, as deemed best and most efficient. The device for operating such door shall be so constructed that it may be operated by the fireman on said engine by means of a push button, pedal, or other appliance located in, on, or near the floor of the engine deck or floor of the tender at a suitable distance from such door to enable the fireman, while firing such engine, by pressure with his foot, to open such door. The public utilities commission shall enforce, and prosecute any violations of, this section.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .