4963.36 Company must keep right of way free from combustible material.

Every railroad company, or person in charge of a railroad as manager or receiver, shall keep the right of way clear from weeds, high grass, and decayed timber which from nature or condition are combustible and liable to take or communicate fire from passing locomotives to abutting or adjacent property. Such company is liable for all damages sustained by the owner or occupant of such property from carelessness or neglect to keep its right of way clear of such combustible material. In case of failure to comply with the requirements of this section, a person owning or controlling property abutting on or adjacent to a railroad right of way, the default still continuing after twenty days' notice in writing, may cause all combustible material to be removed from the right of way along or by such property. Upon presentation of a reasonable account for such removal to the agent at the nearest station of such company or receiver, if it or he refuses to pay the amount asked within thirty days, such amount may be recovered before any court having jurisdiction of such claim.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .