4963.37 Liability of railroad company for loss or damage by fire.

Every company, or the receiver of such company, operating a railroad or a part of a railroad is liable for all loss or damage by fires originating upon the land belonging to such company caused by operating such railroad. Such company or receiver is liable for all loss or damage by fires originating on lands adjacent to its land caused in whole or part by sparks from an engine passing over such railroad, and the exercise by such company or receiver of due care in equipping and operating such engine does not exempt such company or receiver from such liability, which may be recovered before any court of competent jurisdiction within the county in which the lands on which such loss or damage occurs are situated. The existence of fires upon the railroad company's land is prima-facie evidence that they are caused by operating such railroad. This section does not invalidate or prohibit contracts of such company or receiver by which such company or receiver is indemnified against such loss or damage by fire or released from liability for such loss or damage.

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History. Effective Date: 10-01-1953