4963.43 Filing plans and specifications.

Every railroad company, public or private corporation, or person proposing to build any structure or place any material as set forth in section 4963.42 of the Revised Code, with a lesser clearance from the center of the track than is prescribed in such section, before proceeding therewith, shall file with the public utilities commission plans and specifications for such structure or material and have its permit for the erection of such structures or placement. Upon protest of any interested party against the issuance of such permit, or if the commission refuses to issue such permit, the commission shall set the case down for hearing and such hearing shall proceed as other hearings before it. Observance of this section and section 4963.42 of the Revised Code may be enforced by an injunction on complaint of any interested person, corporation, or board.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .