4965.55 Storage and warehouse certificate.

A railroad company organized under the laws of this state, upon the receipt of iron ore, grain, or other merchandise from any vessel, watercraft, or other source for storage and deposit, duly consigned to such company, upon the request of the owner of such ore, grain, or other merchandise, with the written consent of the consignee, may issue to the owner of such ore, grain, or other merchandise, a certificate, receipt, or voucher which shall name the railroad company by which the ore, grain or other merchandise is held at the time such certificate, receipt or voucher is issued, to whom such ore, grain, or other merchandise was consigned, the quantity held by such company, and the quality or grade of it, but not incurring any liability for the grade or quality. Such certificate, receipt, or voucher shall be signed by the president or vice-president of the company, and countersigned by the general agent of the company appointed for that purpose, or such other officer as is appointed by such railroad company, and is transferable and negotiable by indorsement on it, by the person to whose order it is made payable. On the presentation of the certificate, receipt, or voucher, so indorsed to such railroad company at its general offices, by the holder and on demand, the company shall deliver to the holder, the iron ore, grain, or other merchandise described in it, on the payment by such person to the railroad company of all proper charges thereon.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .