4967.02 Consolidation or merger of railroad companies.

A company organized in this state for the purpose of constructing, owning, and operating a railroad, or whose railroad is made or is in process of construction to a point within or without, or to the boundary line of, this state, may consolidate its capital stock, property, and franchises with those of a company in this or any other state, organized for a like purpose, whose railroad has been projected, constructed, or is in process of construction to the same point, or either company may merge or be merged into the other when the railroads so united and constructed will form a continuous or connected but not competing line for the passage of cars. Railroads running or to be constructed to the banks of a river which is not bridged, or to the tracks and property of a union depot or terminal company, the use of which is enjoyed by either of the companies proposed to be consolidated or merged, or to the tracks of another railroad over which either has the right to operate by favor of a lease or under any trackage agreement, shall be held to be continuous or connected under this section.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .