4967.22 Proceedings when companies cannot agree on a division.

If the companies referred to in section 4967.21 of the Revised Code are unable to agree upon an equitable plan for improving and developing, or for the division and sale of, the railroad and appurtenances or part thereof so owned in common, either company may file with the public utilities commission a statement, under its seal, of the character and estimated cost of any addition or change in the nature of the roadbed, right of way, main tracks or sidetracks, bridges, culverts, buildings, structures, fixtures, or appurtenances, or any part thereof, of such railroad or part thereof, desired by such company, and of its inability to agree with the other joint owners in respect to making them. Upon receipt of such statement the commission, within thirty days of its filing, shall appoint a time when the owners of such railroad or part thereof may be heard respecting the reasonableness and necessity of such proposed additions or improvements, and give due notice in writing of the time and place of such hearing to each of the owners. The commission may make such order in respect to the reasonableness or necessity of the whole or any part of such additions or improvements, as well as the manner in which they are to be made, and the periods within which they shall be paid for, as is proper, and its decision in the matter is final.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .