4967.23 Cost of improvements.

The cost of the additions or improvements referred to in section 4967.22 of the Revised Code, unless otherwise agreed between the joint owners, shall be paid by them in proportion to their ownership in the joint property, irrespective of the amount of traffic which each owner may then have passing over such railroad. If either owner fails or refuses to pay the share of cost due from it on the basis fixed in this section, or within the period fixed by such commission, suit may be entered and judgment taken against that party. Such judgment shall be a valid lien upon the interest in such railroad or part thereof owned jointly of such party in default, and may be sold at public sale as in other cases upon execution. A railroad company having authority to own or operate a railroad in this state, may purchase such interest at such sale, and enjoy and exercise in respect thereto, all the rights, privileges, and franchises which were exercised or enjoyed by the company owning it up to the time of sale. The compulsory power of enforcing additions or improvements provided for in this section and section 4967.22 of the Revised Code does not extend to local or terminal depot or shop grounds or facilities, the joint use of which is not needed by all the joint owners.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .