4969.01 Sale of roadbed and right of way.

A company, owning in whole or in part a roadbed and right of way for a railroad within this state, including those acquired by purchase at judicial sale, which, from lack of means or other cause, is unable to complete the construction of the proposed railroad thereon, may sell, assign, and transfer it, or a part thereof, to any other company incorporated under the laws of this state, with authority to construct and operate a railroad over the same route, or any part thereof. The transfer shall include all work done upon such railroad, with all material furnished therefor, not exempted by the terms of the grant, and all rights, privileges, and easements, as fully as they are or may be possessed by the company making the transfer, and to the same extent, vest the title of and the right to enjoy them in such grantee. Such transfer shall be by deed, executed by the president of the company which is the grantor, in the manner provided for the conveyance of real estate, and for such consideration as the parties agree upon.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .